bhs alumni

BHS Alumni

Since the school was started on 2002 and the pioneer KCPE class of 2004 sat their examinations, the school has experienced great performance year in year out and we are grateful to God and thankful to our former pupils who have made us proud on numerous occasions. 

We have produced some of the leading students in the national exams in Kiambu county and such students have gone on to become top performers in their secondary schools and universities. Our pioneer class set the bar high for the subsequent classes who became even more inspired and out-performed that class. Here are some of our alumni.

Electrical and Electronics Engineer
james mbugua


joseph ngoiyo


Brookhill School planted the seed that was in me and in it it did sprout and now it is giving fruits in its due time. The foundation was laid and through that i have learnt to be self driven and a person of goals.

James Mbugua is a practising Lawyer and Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and partner at MJM Law LLP

It is not just a school, it’s more like a family. It’s a place where the pupils grow together and the guidance from the teachers is unparalleled. The students are amazing to live with, the facilities for games, learning and school societies make it the best all round place to be. It was fun and nostalgic.” Even at 24, am yet to find as good a place for a child to grow in as Brookhill School.