Academics in the school

Brookhill School offers the 8-4-4 system of education. The school stakeholders aim to better their performance every successive year. Our performance is anchored on quality tutoring which is offered by our highly motivated and qualified teaching staff. The school administration works to fully facilitate our teaching staff so that they can dedicate themselves to offering the best tutoring to our pupils.

Since the school was started on 2002 and the pioneer KCPE class of 2004 sat their examinations, the school has experienced great performance year in year out and we are grateful to God and thankful to our former pupils who have made us proud on numerous occasions. 

We have produced some of the leading students in the national exams in Kiambu county and such students have gone on to become top performers in their secondary schools and universities. Our pioneer class set the bar high for the subsequent classes who became even more inspired and out-performed that class. 

Our classes have a low teacher to student ratio which affords the students ample attention form he teachers so that they are led to expolit their true potential ad become who hey are destined to be. This close attenton ensures that even the students who normally require extra attention to understand their academics get the needed attention. We believe that all the students that get admission to Brookhill have athe capability of great performance. 

We had the best performnace so far posted by the 2014 Class where we even produced the Best student in the District, had 3 other in the District Top Ten and Many others in the Top 50 pupils. We are proud of the Class of 2014 for making us proud as well as all the stakeholders who made it possible.