Booking for Admission Interviews on our Facebook Page
Booking for Admission Interviews on our Facebook Page

In an effort to serve all prospective students and parents to Brookhill School, we continue to become more inclusive in the various methods that admission interviews can be booked. Some of our new students are from families that are relocating from abroad and this sometimes causes a time mismatch with the difference in time zones and thus the school phones may not be answered at these times.

Brookhill School on Citizen Tv Rauka Show.
Over the weekend, we had an opportunity to have some of our students along with their teachers and the school principal, Mrs Thuo, take part in the morning Rauka Show
4 Ways To Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten
The transition to kindergarten marks an important developmental transition in a child's life. Kids entering kindergarten come from a wide variety of educational backgrounds, so there's no one test or set of questions that can determine "readiness."
School Graduation and Closing Day
The 2015 Graduation and Closing day will take place on Friday, 20th November starting from 9:00AM.
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